Peking University
Peking University, or PKU for short, is under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and under the direct administration of the central government, which is ranked in Double First-Class, Project 211 and Project 985. It was selected into the Training Experiment Program for Top-notch Students of Basic Disciplines, the Innovation Ability Enhancement Program for Colleges and Universities, and the Discipline Innovation Introduction Program for Colleges and Universities. It is a member of the Nine-university Alliance, the Song Alliance, the President's Association of China's Universities, the Federation of Beijing and Hong Kong Universities, the Association of Asian Universities, the Association of East Asian Research Universities, the Alliance of International Research Universities, the Union of Pacific Rim Universities, the League of 21st Century Scholars, the Forum of Four Universities in East Asia, the International Forum of Public Universities, and the Alliance of China-Russia Comprehensive Universities.