The university of Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong, or HKU for short, an international public research university in Hong Kong, China, is generally considered as one of the most prestigious universities in Asia titled with the Asian Ivy [1]. The motto is “acquisition of morality, study of nature of things”, corresponding to the Latin word for Sapientia Et Virtus. Founded on March 16, 1910, the University of Hong Kong was officially registered on March 30 in the following year and it is formerly known as the Hong Kong College of Western Medicine, which is the oldest institution of higher education in Hong Kong. In the early stage, the University of Hong Kong was small university with only 23 graduates from its formal opening on March 11, 1912, to its first graduation ceremony in December 1916. After April 9,1948, the reconstruction and structural transformation made the university entered a golden period of rapid development. On June 10, 2020, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) was ranked 22nd in the World University Rankings 2021 released by the UK-based World Higher Education Research Group QS.