Nanjing university,
Nanjing University, or NJU for short, is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is one of the world's leading universities in the construction of universities (Category A), Project 211 and Project 985. NJU is a member of Nine-university Alliance, the President's Association of China's Universities, the Union of Pacific Rim Universities, the League of 21st Century Scholars, the International Association of Applied Science and Technology Development, the Association of East Asian Research Universities, the International Union of New Engineering Education, the Union of Planetary Sciences of Chinese Universities and the Yangtze River Delta Research University Alliance. Nanjing University is selected as the degree-authorized independent auditing units, the Everest Plan, the Strong Foundation Plan, the 111 Plan, the 2011 Plan, the Outstanding Engineer Education Program, the Outstanding Doctor Education Program, the Outstanding Legal Talent Education Program, the State Construction High Level University Public Postgraduate Program, the New Engineering Research and Practice Program, the National Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Demonstration College, the host institution of Chinese government scholarship for international students, the Ministry of Education's demonstration base for studying in China, and the national demonstration base for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.