China University of Geosciences
China University of Geosciences, referred to as CUG, is located in Wuhan as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is a national university with world-class discipline construction, an innovative platform for the national Project 211 and Project 985 engineering advantages. It is a university approved by the State to establish a graduate school. China University of Geosciences has been selected into the 111 Plan, the Outstanding Engineer Education Program, and the State Construction High Level University Public Postgraduate Program.. CUG is the host institution of Chinese Government Scholarship for international students, the base for the transformation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements of the first batch of institutions of higher learning, and an important member of the Alliance of Quality Resources Sharing among Universities with High-level Industry Characteristics, the Alliance of International Universities for Earth Sciences, the Union of Planetary Science of Chinese University, and the joint education of seven universities. CUG was founded in 1952, formerly known as Beijing Institute of Geosciences, which was formed by the merging of geology and engineering departments of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Southwest Jiaotong University and other universities. In 1960, it was designated as a national key university by the central government and moved out during the Cultural Revolution. In 1975, it moved to Wuhan as a whole and was renamed Wuhan University of Geosciences. In 1987, the State Education Commission approved Wuhan University of Geosciences changed its name to China University of Geosciences, running schools in Wuhan and Beijing, which headquartered in Wuhan. In 2000, it entered into the Ministry of Education directly under the university sequence. In 2006, the Ministry of Education and the original Ministry of Land and Resources signed a joint agreement to build China University of Geology.