Chimelong Theme Park, Guangzhou
Chime-Long Paradise, located in Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou, covers an area of more than 2000 mu, which is equipped with nearly 70 recreational facilities. Chime-Long Paradise has introduced equipment from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States and other leading amusement equipment companies worldwide, including the king of the global roller coaster vertical roller coaster, 10 ring roller coaster in the Guinness World Records, the motorcycle roller coaster with the winning of the industry design gold medal, super pendulum hammer, the only U-type skateboard in the Eastern Hemisphere and other world-class peak rides. Under the auspices of the international famous theme park design organization, Chime-Long Paradise has amusement equipment imported from Europe, and its design and technology keep the world's leading level. Moreover, it has set eight of Asia and the world's largest, and has set or broken many world records of the world record association.